It is Time to Leave Him if He Treats You Like This

Do you think your transgender dating relationship is deteriorating and you need to start looking for signs that he doesn't love you? You're in the right place! Men will never tell you face to face that they don't love you, especially if they still have feelings for you, it's not necessarily love, it may be some kind of respect, it may be a feeling you can't be sure of, but it's there. Sometimes that feeling of uncertainty is the only thing that stops them from breaking up with you. But when you think about it, don't you want to break up immediately, not after months of pain?

Although switching off the power cord immediately is an ideal solution to the problem, there can be no simple solution to anything involving a kinky dating relationship. A man who has loved you may want to continue his life, but he can't and won't forget the time he spent with you. Although he still feels for you, it doesn't change his decision to end what you think is a ts dating relationship.

He ignored you.

It seems that you don't exist anymore. He has completely started to live his own life. Previously, everything he and you did was decided by both sides. Now, you don't even know what he's planning to do. When you are around, he will become very strange, pretending that he is alone. Even if he needed something like this: "Have you ironed my shirt yet? He won't ask you. He'll find it. If it's not hot, he'll do it himself.

He avoids you.

You live in the same apartment, but somehow, can't you meet? This is no coincidence. Now that he has learned your daily life and schedule, he knows when you will go home. So he'll make sure he's not there when you get home. When a man no longer loves you, he will try to avoid you and make you realize that he wants to leave you. Spending time together is something you rarely experience. In short, this is a very bad sign, and you should take it seriously.

He has nothing to do with you.

Maybe you used to work together, but now you're not. He suddenly gave up everything you were interested in. He suddenly hates your hobbies and thinks they don't matter. If he doesn't respect your interests, that means he thinks you're irrelevant. He also abandoned your friends. When your lgbt dating relationship is healthy, he likes to be with you and your friends. Now, every time you ask him out, whether it's you or your friends, he will refuse you. He's really sabotaging his trans hookup relationship with you.

He is rude.

He spoke harshly in private and in public. I mean, he really didn't choose what to say. He doesn't care about you at all. Maybe he's a coward and can't admit that he doesn't love you anymore. So he used his words and rude behavior to let you know that he wanted to quit. If you notice him doing this, you will use some "smart" comments every time you say or do something.