Dating Tips for Transgender Women

I am not a transgender dating expert, I just have some transgender women friends who have met their trans dating partners on transgender dating sites. And today I am going to share some common things that when transgender women try to get to know men.

Account picture

On the trans dating site, the most important thing is to organize your account. First, the first thing other users see is the need for transgender girls to attract attention, and that is the user's picture. A picture determines the first impression that a person sees after seeing your account. A good picture can increase your chances of slipping right.

Some of my transgender girlfriends like men of good shape, that is, men who can see muscles from photos, they are willing to swipe right for them. But other transgender girls like another man, the man who has the most self-confidence and can't easily take some photos of the chest. Therefore, this varies from person to person. Some people just like men who are interested, not just because of his good shape. Maybe you like to take a photo, then you can upload some photos of your own in your account. This will show your hobbies and your charm.

Self description

This is a very important part of the text in the account. Let someone else realize what kind of person you are through a simple text. You can express yourself rationally through some side descriptions. Show your personal characteristics so that you can attract people who like you on a transgender dating site. Of course, there will be some people who are not so good who will swipe your account to the right. Usually such a person treats each account he sees as a target and then swipes to the right. This is not the possibility of your trans date.

Greeting message

Maybe the person you like finally swipes your account to the right, now you can start chatting together. But you don't know what to say. To know that the other party does not regard you as a dream lover, it is not correct to ask the other party's phone number in the first message. Maybe you came to this dating site to enjoy sex, but please control yourself and don't ask the transgender girl's chest size. The best thing about the first piece of information is that it is simple and straightforward, and it will cause the attention of the other party.

The first piece of information doesn't need to be written about everything about you. It looks like junk software and it's annoying. Unless this is a winning message, no one is willing to take the time to see him. "I am very happy to meet you here.", such a simple discourse like this is more appropriate, or it can be "I have seen your information, I think you are very interesting", plus an emoji is best.