Benefits and reasons of date transgender women

As a transgender woman, I don't understand guys saying that they won't date transgender women, or they don't want to be seen in public with transgender girls. I.m so over it like we deserve to be respected, and I think a lot of guys don't really realize the benefits of dating transgender women. There are a lot of things that we can offer.

1. We are easier to get along with than your average girl. I think growing up being a boy monster for life we kind of understand guys a lot more, and what you are going through is we have more similar mindsets and cisgendered women.

2. We are much more open-minded than cisgendered girls. We are willing to try new things, and who are we to judge like really.

3. We are very strong on the inside and we've been through a lot. We've changed our whole life around, and we have been through some really tough shit. I think that makes us a lot stronger than average women.

4. We are more feminine than your average girl, that means we like get our nails done, doing her hair, wearing makeup, just go the extra mile to look more feminine and pretty for cells and men.

5. We appreciate the little things more. Like holding her hands in public for giving us the kiss in public or just buying us flowers. I think we just appreciate these little things more, because we never really had this when we were younger or when we were growing up, and now that we are able to be ourselves in a relationship, it just make it all the more meaningful.

6. Most guys generally consider it as an advantage that we cannot get pregnant. For obvious reasons I personally would love to be pregnant and be able to give birth to my own child, but unfortunately I'm not able to. A lot of guys consider the benefit because then there's no risk of an accident happening.

7. We don't get periods, which means we don't go through that time of the month that a lot of considered girls, but it's true, it's just a little perk that we have, I mean who likes the bloody vagina.

8. A male 100% of the time I think x-rays developing as a society. A lot of straight men are becoming very into anal and a lot of them actually perfect it, which I'm no sex so I consider this as the benefit because it's a male sex, all the time like there is no other way that we can have sex really.

So I hope you may have opened up some of your minds a little bit, and maybe you feel inspired to go find a transgender girl or start getting a trans girl. These are just some of the many perks and benefits that we come with. I think more people need to be more comfortable in their sexuality and not worry about label it, so their gaze straight whatever like leer women you look, most of us look like women, so there is no reason for you t hide from us.