Tips on Disclosing the Transgender Identity

When it comes to a kinky dating, many trans people may encounter the same problem that if and when they should conceal their transgender identity to their trans hookup. The answer to the question is varied among different people according to their personal situation. You shouldn’t be forced to tell the truth if you are not ready or willing to do so. You just need to follow your heart. This is my suggestion: If you find that your ts date is a dependable and down-to-earth person, you can consider confessing to him. If you discover that he is unreliable, you had better keep it as a secret to avoid being hurt.

Besides your date, you should also take the pros and cons of disclosing your transgender identity into consideration on trans hookup app. In terms of the pros, after you conceal your real identity, you don’t need to be bothered by this question any longer and you can be frank to your date in the future. As for the cons, you may also attract people who despise trans people and regard trans guys as a sexual object. 

If you are determined to tell the truth to your ts dating but you have no idea how to do it. You can refer to the suggestions below.

Email or text your date

Before you make an offline trans hookup with your dating partner, you can email or message your date and tell him your real gender identity. It can to some extent reduce the embarrassment because you can think over how to say it prior to sending the message. And if you receive negative reply, there is no need for you to make the first date with him. But the disadvantage of this method is that if your date can accept your identity, you can't be sure of the authenticity of his words, because you can't see his expression and hear his tone of voice.

Give your date a phone call

Telling your date your real identity is a rather good way. There are two main benefits of this method. One is that you are much less likely to receive negative comments because no one is foolish enough to ridicule and slander a person he is not familiar with directly. And the other is that compared with the way of email and messages, phone call can provide you with the most genuine reactions of your date. The speed of his response and the tone of his voice are all the clues you can get. Rehearsal is the least likely to happen in the phone call.

Tell your date face to face

It's also a good way to tell your partner your identity in person. Compared to calling, you can not only hear his tone, but also see his body language and expression. Generally speaking, his body language is more authentic and persuasive than his words. Therefore, you only need to observe his body language, you can get the most real answer, which cannot be disguised.